Adult Christian Education and Spiritual Development

Are you looking for a fresh way to explore your faith?  Or a new and compelling look at the teachings of Jesus?

Our spiritual growth is nourished by various in-depth study programs and participation in "small groups". Our small groups are designed to help you grow spiritually while at the same time forming new friendships.

At Appleby there are currently two small groups operating:

  • a men’s group which meets on Tuesday mornings at 7:00 am to discuss Rev. Allan’s message from the previous Sunday;
  • a women's group - Faith Matters - which meets on Tuesdays at 10:00 am.

There is no need to sign up - you can just show up in the parlour at the appropriate time.  For more information about these groups or to learn about upcoming study programs, please contact the office at 905-637-2942 or