Our Mission and our Guiding Vision

Our Mission

Appleby United Church is a community of Christians living and sharing God's love by caring for people through worship and gracious action.


Our Guiding Vision

We, the people of Appleby United Church, are a creative, energetic community dedicated to worship, spiritual growth and loving action.

We worship God together.

We listen openly to the Word of God and challenge each other to learn, to grow in faith, and to apply the Word in everyday life.

The love of Jesus moves us to love each other unconditionally, and to extend that same love to those who would be touched by our care.

We are committed to understanding the individual and collective needs of our members and people around the world.

The power of the Holy Spirit moves us to action in response to the needs of others.

We study the issues of the day and act to bring about just solutions.

We are called to be the church together.

We value the diversity and the richness that intergenerational fellowship brings to our lives.

We create an inclusive, gracious environment that draws people to Appleby to grow spiritually, to build meaningful relationships and to develop life skills.